malý 5-osý stroj na rezanie vodným lúčom z ocele, stolová rezačka na prúd vody z počítača

stolný stroj na rezanie vodným lúčom

Podrobný popis produktu

Číslo modelu:ACCURL-1515L CNC stroj na rezanie vodným lúčomEfektívna rezná plocha (dĺžka):1500mm
Efektívna rezná plocha (šírka):1500mmPresnosť rezania polohy:± 0,5 mm / m
Typ portálu:stôlKľúčové slová:Water Jet Cutting Machine For Sale

Small 5 axis high presssure water jet cutting machine for sale from China

Popis produktu

The ACCURL® abrasive water jet machine is a high-pressure waterjet machine that utilizes straight water cutting or abrasive waterjet cutting to cut several types of material. The ACCURL® is a heavy-duty precision, ground ball screw designed system for maximum precision and rigidity. The ACCURL® is built to the most stringent standards in the machine tool industry.

ACCURL® využívajúci vysokotlakové rezanie vodným lúčom na rezanie hrúbok materiálu od rozchodu po 8 ".

The ACCURL® will cut material such as Aluminum, Armor Plate, Brass, Carpet, Copper, Glass, Granite, Leather, Marble, Mild Steel, Plastic, Stainless Steel, Stone, Tile, Titanium.

Hlavné rysy

The fast, efficient, and precise ACCURL® Center provides top performance in waterjet machining of complex parts from many materials. From simple metals to complex composites, the 4’ 7” square cutting area of the proven is ideal for rapid prototyping and just-in-time manufacturing of small to medium-sized parts. With simple fixturing and easy access to the cutting table, setup times are significantly reduced, increasing productivity and profitability.

1. Fastest cutting speeds and best precision compared to any abrasivejet in the industry and is backed by our exclusive NAIKY PCIMC-6A® Software with real world cutting data

2. Programmable Motorized Z-Axis with a precision ACCURL® 5i Nozzle Assembly can boost cutting productivity and process efficiency

3. Tilt-A-Jet® taper compensating abrasivejet cutting head (available as an option)

4. Precision X-Y Axis rigidly mounted to the cutting table

5. Pre-loaded linear bearings and precision ball screws

6. Low maintenance, high reliability scissor-style hard plumbing

7. Drive system sealed against water, dirt, and grit

8. Easy operator access to the work area

9. High efficiency Generation 4 USA Hypertherm ® pump systems available in 30, 40, or 50 hp with operating efficiencies up to 90%

10. Robust and accurate design for tight tolerance cutting and reliable operation

11. Shipped as a completely pre-assembled and factory-tested system


Hp System: WJPOWER-420D(Dual-intensifier HP System)

Maximálny tlak: 420 MPa

Max.Flowrate: 7.4L/min

Electrical Power: 75KW/100HP

Napätie: 220V ~ 480V / 50,60HZ.3PH

Intensifier assembly is fully imported from KMT(H20 USA)


Oxygen lance cutting,plasma arc cutting

1. Waterjet cutting,laser cutting and drilling

2. Up to 16 controllered axes

3. Management of Gantry axes

4. 5-axes cutting torch management

5. Hardware Architecture based on AMD

6. (Industrial) Mobile,which combines high performance with low power consumption

7. Monitor 15’’ LCD-Integrated Tonch Screen

8. Peripheral interface:EtherCAT

9. Node EtherCAT to manage EcsLink,Mechatrolink@1 and 2,Sercos@1 ,Profinet@1 and analogic drives

10. Up to 2048 I/O with Ether CAT

11. Modular machine panel(Optional)

12. Alphanumeric keyboard(Optional)

Balenie a dodávka

1. Naše drevené puzdro je po ošetrení fumigáciou.Nehodnotená kontrola dreva, čo šetrí čas na prepravu.

2. Všetky náhradné diely stroja boli zakryté mäkkými materiálmi, hlavne perlou.

3. Najkrajnejšia časť je tvrdá konštrukcia s pevným debnením.

4. Botton dreveného puzdra má pevný železný zdvihák, vhodný na prepravu a prepravu.


pracovný stôlmm3000 x 1500
os Xmŕtvica20003000
os Ymŕtvica10001500
Presnosť riadeniamm± 0,01
Presnosť polohovaniamm± 0,02
Vysokotlakový systémMaximálny tlak380380
Moc37 (50HP)37 (50HP)
Celkový elektrický výkonKW38
Maximálne zaťaženie pracovného stolakg1000
Podporovaný formátAI, PLT, DXF atď
Hmotnosť strojakg5650
Vonkajší rozmermm4050x2250x1850
Meno ProduktuWater Jet Cutting Machine for Sale


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